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Hillesvag - Tinde Pelsullgarn

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Beige Tinde
Blaturkis Tinde
Burgunder Tinde
Burgunderilla Tinde
Cognac Tinde
Grafiolett Tinde
Gralig Lavendelbla Tinde
Gressgronn Tinde
Gronn Tinde
Gul Tinde
Lime Tinde
Lys Brun Tinde
Lys Dongeribla Tinde
Lys Marine Tinde
Lys Rodlig Beige Tinde
Lys Turkis Tinde
Marinebla Tinde
Mellombla Tinde
Mork Brun Tinde
Mork Rosa Tinde
Naturgra Tinde
Oker Tinde
Olivengronn Tinde
Petrol Tinde
Rod Tinde
Rodgul Tinde
Rosa Tinde
Ren gronn Tinde
Rodbrun Tinde
Stovet flybla Tinde
Stovet ismint Tinde
Stovet lys lime Tinde
Stovet Rosa Tinde
Svart Tinde
Turkis Tinde
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Tinde Pelsullgarn is a glossy, soft and airy knitting yarn made of Norwegian fur wool. Norwegian fur sow is a separate Norwegian sheep breed unlike the Norwegian white sheep. Norwegian fur sow has grey curly wool that contains both light and dark fibers. The dark fibers give the yarn an exciting depth and meringue when coloured.

The wool is fine, soft and silky. This means that fur wool yarns are softer and more glossy than wool from Norwegian white sheep. Thin fur wool yarns are well suited for fine sweaters.  It is also suitable for children's clothing and garments such as hats, scarves and gloves. The yarn has good rope properties and gets a nice halo after felting. 

Fibre: 100% Norwegian wool

Thickness: DK

Meterage: 284 yards (260 meters)

Needle Size: 3.5-4mm | US 4-6

Knitting Gauge: 22 stitches = 10 cm 

Care Instructions: Hand Wash and lay flat to dry

Made in Norway