About Us

The Knitting Loft is a mother/daughter owned yarn shop and knitting café based in Toronto, Canada, which combines a modern aesthetic with a fun and social shopping experience!

Focusing on natural fibre, indie-dyed, and rustic yarns, The Knitting Loft’s unique selection has inspired the most avid of fibre lovers.

Described as a "candy store" and “yarn heaven”, The Knitting Loft is a must visit yarn destination!



Creative Wellness: Use routine creativity to reduce stress and facilitate inner healing.

Community: Invest in relationships and people. 

Meaningful Experiences: Provide unique attention, genuine care, and exceptional service in every interaction.

Integrity: Say what you're thinking, express what you feel, and always aim to be your best self. Authenticity and transparency is Queen.

Audacity: Have the courage to be wrong, to make mistakes, to learn something new, and to never stop trying.

Collaboration: Work together to co-create transformative experiences and to achieve The Knitting Loft's mission and vision.

Accountability: Be mindful of your influence and own your part.

Humility: Embrace every experience as an opportunity to learn and grow. Work hard, stay humble, and remember why we're here. There is always a higher bar!

Learning: Say yes to new projects and learning experiences.