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We’d like to greet you with the absolute, warmest welcome to The Knitting Loft: our multi-passionate yarn shop and knitting café. TKL has actually been designed with you in mind: the inspired creator. At the core of our small business, is the dream to create a space for imaginative-souls to gather in an environment that is not only conducive to creativity, but also, facilitates meaningful connections and experiences that better us as individuals and as a collective.

#thediyprescription - what is it?

We are consumed with creative wellness: a necessary pillar to any true wellness cure. We have not only discovered through research and our personal networks that creativity is a transformative practice, but also, through our own experiences that have proven that creativity is a powerful tool for healing. With this in mind and close at heart, we couldn't think of a better tagline than, "The DIY Prescription": a treatment for stress and inner calm.


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