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Buttons - Atelier Brunette

$1.35 CAD
Bliss - Chestnut (15mm)
Bliss - Powder (11mm)
Classic Matte - Off-White (15mm)
Classic Matte - Tangerine (10mm)
Classic Matte - Terracotta (10mm)
Classic Shine - Maple (10mm)
Classic Shine - Off-White (15mm)
Glitter - Mustard (12mm)
Glitter - Off-White (12mm)
Glitter - Powder (15mm)
Glitz - Amarante (14mm)
Glitz - Chestnut (14mm)
Jaipur - Ochre (12mm)
Palm - Chestnut (20mm)
Palm - Cobalt (20mm)
Palm - Maple (20mm)
Palm - Powder (20mm)
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We think you're going to love our new line of buttons from French sewing brand Atelier Brunette. These classy and modern buttons are going to give your project just the finishing touch it needs.

PLEASE NOTE: It can be hard to get a sense of scale of buttons online - please compare the sizes listed on a measuring tape or ruler, or email us for a photo to show scale before ordering if you're uncertain.

Priced per button