Please follow our pick up instructions (and general FAQs) below for the smoothest possible shopping experience. We thank you so much for your patience and cooperation!


    1. After you've received your pick-up notification, visit the shop according to our available pick-up times/dates below
    2. Please ensure you (or whoever is picking up for you) is prepared with the following info for a smooth pick up (all of which are included in your "Ready for Pickup" notification): Order Number(s), "R" Code(s), Name on Order(s)
    3. Upon arrival to the shop, you will either (A) Come inside if our Brick & Mortar is open OR (B) Follow our door instructions if our Brick & Mortar is Closed (we have a doorbell and intercom system, with clear instructions on site)
    4. Anticipate a brief wait time as we pick your order 
    5. Prior to leaving, we encourage you to check your pickup(s) while still on the property to ensure you've received everything as ordered (you may do this outside or in your vehicle if you're picking up while the store is closed for shopping)


    In-Store Shopping's Open:

    In-Store Shopping Is Closed Apr. 26 - May 3rd (Pickup Times Vary)

    • Friday, Apr. 26th: 9am - 5pm
    • Saturday, Apr. 27th: 9am - 5pm
    • Sunday, Apr. 28th: 9am - 2pm
    • Monday, Apr. 29th: 2pm - 5pm
    • Tuesday, Apr 30th: 11am - 5pm
    • Wednesday, May 1st: 11am - 5pm
    • Thursday, May 2nd: 11am - 5pm
    • Friday, May 3rd: 11am - 5pm 

    In-Store Shopping's Open:


    • Await Notification: We will notify you when your order is ready for pick up and cannot rush your order before then (you will need to come back when it's ready if you arrive prior to notification)
    • Multiple Pickups: Await notification for each individual order if you'd like to pick up all of your orders at once. If you receive a notification that only one order is ready, we cannot rush your remaining pick-up orders and you will need to come back when they're ready
    • Pick-Up Times/Dates: Once your order is ready, please refer to our pick-up times/dates above and visit us at your earliest convenience as we work to manage our limited space
    • Hold Period: Pick-up orders placed between Apr. 26th - May 4th will be held for a maximum of 7 days (rather than our regular 14) from the time that we send you your "Ready for Pick Up" notification 
    • Pick-Up Person: Anyone may pick up your order, however, they must follow the instructions as written above
    • Order Changes: Unless we have made a mistake, we do not permit any changes to orders purchased at a discount (this includes colour changes, product swaps, refunds, etc.)