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Twelve months, twelve signs and twelve new colours in Tibetan Cloud.

A new take on the Tibetan zodiac, an ancient traditional science that combines influences from India, China, Persia and Greece with Buddhist philosophy into a uniquely Tibetan system.

The twelve animals are used to designate years, months, days, and hours. Each animal is associated with an element, which represents its life force.

The inherent polarity of an animal corresponds to its symbolism and also bears upon the composition of its psychological character.

The Rat for example is a nocturnal animal and a symbol of prosperity, it is therefore female, as is the Rabbit, which is associated with the Moon. The Dragon, by contrast, the symbol of thunder, is male.

The animal associated with a year gives it its specific character and influences the life and the personality of those born under its aegis. Each year of the cycle is designated by one of the symbolic animals. 

Each animal is associated with one of five elements (kham nga): Wood, Fire, Earth , Metal, Water which are also very important as they are the natural forces of transformation, in constant interaction with each other.

Instead of spanning the zodiac over twelve years, mYak has spread the zodiac over twelve months. Each month they are presenting a new zodiac animal associated with one new colour of Tibetan Cloud.

Tibetan artist Rabkar Wangchuk has created a new beautiful artwork for each animal.

100% Organic Cotton

Dimensions: 26×32 cm

**Yarn not included

Made in China