Masu Pincushion with Kokura Textile and Shippo Glass Sewing Pins

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This charming set includes a handcrafted masu-box pincushion with Kokura Textile and three unique pins crafted in the Shippo ("Seven Treasures") method.

Masu boxes were originally used to measure rice, and later came into use holding sake glasses. This fragrant Japanese cypress masu box encases a pincushion made of Kokura textile, a cotton fabric produced in the Northern Kyushu region since the early Edo period. It is known for its three-dimensional stripes with a rhythmic color pattern created by the use of many warp threads. Kokura textile production ceased during World War II. However, after several decades, weaver Noriko Tsuiki revived Kokura textile into a thriving industry creating stylish-but-traditional cloth. The Kokura textile brand "Kokura Shima Shima" was created with the revival. The brand is highly acclaimed for its simple and versatile textile designs that fit into modern lifestyles. Since revived, the art has into a thriving industry creating stylish-but-traditional cloth.

The glass heads of these sturdy pins were developed by Nail Salon Ai-rish and Kato Shippo Works to capture the beauty of traditional Aichi Shippo ware. Shippo is a type of cloisonne ware, or lacquered metalwork, and its name derives from the "seven treasures" of gold, silver, pearl, agate, crystal, coral, and lapis lazuli. Uniquely crafted "Shippo flakes" are incorporated into the glass head of the sewing pins, bringing an elevated touch to your craft.

Seing Pin
Length 35mm
Glass Bead Diameter 4mm
Pin Thickness 0.5mm

Width 46mm
Height 29mm
Depth 46mm

Made in Japan.