The Knit Kit - All The Essential Tools for the Modern Maker

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The NEW Knit Kit 2.0 is equipped with ALL the essential tools for the modern knitter or crocheter. Just add yarn and needles (which are not included)!  The best gift for that friend who knits and you don’t know what to get them!

This all-in-one tool kit is a personal favourite, making knitting/crocheting easy and accessible, no matter where you are!

Known as "the Swiss Army tool for knitters and crocheters", The Knit Kit is a compact and portable solution that is loved at all skill levels.

Kit includes:

  1. Row counter
  2. 5ft tape measure
  3. Crochet hook
  4. Thread cutter
  5. Folding scissors
  6. Three sizes of round stitch markers
  7. Locking stitch markers
  8. Stitch stoppers/point protectors
  9. A darning/tapestry needle
  10. A cable needle
  11. Needle gauge

Made in China