Fil Au Chinois Waxed Linen Thread Star Card

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Colour: Azure

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This will be your best kept secret for a fluffy and dense pompom (after your Pom Maker).

It’s the ultimate solution for tying your pompoms super tight & strong.

This is a thin but very strong linen thread, which is dipped in beeswax and starch - creating friction so your knots will not easily loosen.

Pom Maker is such a big fan of this that they shared a detailed post on their blog  (How To Tie Your Pompom – The Ultimate Guide).

Made by Fil Au Chinois, a French company that has been making quality waxed linen threads since 1847.

21.8 yard / 20m
100% linen 3 ply thread dipped in beeswax & starch

Card size
2.25 inch / 5.5cm (diameter)

Made in France