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de rerum natura - Ulysse

$12.50 CAD
Argile ULY32
Aster ULY05
Baleine Bleue ULY07
Bois de Rose ULY28
Brouillard ULY37
Caramel ULY08
Cedre ULY41
Ciel ULY22
Confiture de Rose ULY09
Creme Anglaise ULY29
Cypres ULY33
Dore ULY26
Dragon ULY34
Dune ULY31
Emeraude ULY10
Fauve ULY35
Figue ULY11
Foret ULY21
Fusain ULY20
Genet ULY12
Goeland ULY13
Granit ULY14
Iriose ULY36
Lagon ULY23
L'Heure Bleue ULY38
Merlot ULY40
Nuit ULY25
Pavot ULY16
Plume ULY24
Poivre Blanc ULY02
Poivre et Sel ULY03
Poivre ULY01
Potimarron ULY18
Printemps ULY19
Quartz ULY27
Sauge ULY30
Sel ULY04
Tempete ULY39
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Ulysse is a woolen yarn of soft white French and black Portuguese merino produced in France in an ecological way.

Brand: de rerum natura

Fibre: 100% Merino Wool

Thickness: Sport

Grams: 50

Yardage/Meterage: 202 yards | 185 m

Needle Size: US 2.5 - 4 | 3-3.5mm

Knitting Gauge: 22sts to 24 sts/4"


  • Care:  Handwash in warm water with gentle soap. Lay fabric flat to air dry
  • Colour: Heathered
  • Drafting method: Semi-woolen spun
  • Ply: 2-ply
  • Put up: No winding required
  • Dyed and milled in France
  • Source of fibre: Portugal