Cohana - Temari Pincushion Necklace Set - Spring 2023 Sakura Edition

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Spring-coloured yarns dyed with plants and trees from a variety of natural materials are use for the handmade Temari. Each stitch of the Sakura-patterned Temari is carefully finished by an artisan.

The curvy wooden base is made of fragrant Japanese cypress from the Kii Mountains. With the leather strap attached, you can enjoy it as a necklace.

A SAKURA-coloured sewing pin is included to make needlework more pleasant.

Product Size:

All measurements are for reference. Please note in advance that the actual dimensions of the product may slightly vary.

Temari Pincushion: Diameter 33mm | Height 35mm

Sewing Pin: Length 37mm | Pin Thickness 0.5mm

Leather Strap: Length 80cm


Temari: Cotton | Wool 

Wooden base: wood (Cypress) 

Tag/Strap: Genuine leather 

Sewing pin: Glass | Nickel plate | Steel

Made in Japan