Pincushion of Otaru Kiriko by Cohana

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Artistically designed to join your collection of functional, yet beautiful crafting tools, notions, and accessories.

Each glass design conjures floral images of delicate petals, with each item being individually shaped and crafted.

In the dignified expression of the cut glass, you can sense the strength of the craftsmen who have recovered from adversity many times over.


  • Cut glass made in Otaru, the production area of glass crafts, is combined with a felt ball made of Hokkaido wool to create this pincushion.
  • The glass head pins are made in Hiroshima, an area famous for its needle production. The pins pass smoothly through fabric.
  • Wool carefully nurtured in Hokkaido is washed and dyed
  • A Cohana color felt ball has the gentle warmth of the hands of people who love handicrafts.

Made in Japan