Cohana - Bag Set with Ukigami Memo Pad and Mini Coloured Pencils

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A beautiful blue handbag is perfect to carry the Ukigami Memo Pad and Mini Coloured Pencils set.

A handbag made of soft cotton that matches the beautiful blue-coloured "Ukigami Memo Pad (2.5 mm Grid)" and "Mini Coloured Pencils in Ukigami Box".

The cover of the Memo Pad and the case for the coloured pencils are made of Echizen washi. The surface of the paper is uneven with a cute sewing pin motif.

The wooden coloured pencils are made by one of Japan's oldest pencil manufacturers, specializing in writing instruments.

Ukigami Memo Pad - Unlike most notebooks, the Ukigami Memo Pad lays completely flat when opened, making sketching, designing, or note-taking effortless and enjoyable. (PLEASE NOTE! The notebook is smaller than it looks. We have included a photo with hands for scale but please pay close attention to the measurements provided below).

This "flat-opening" book binding is an original patented technology of Nakamura Printing Co. Ltd. , founded in Tokyo in 1938.

6 coloured pencils -- Yellow, Pink, Green, Blue, Gray, and Black

This portable set is perfect for creative activities on the go, such as jotting down designs, sketches, and notes.

Memo Pad
Length: 95mm | Width: 167mm | Thickness: 7mm

Box of the Coloured Pencils
Length: 63mm | Width: 104mm | Thickness: 18mm

Coloured Pencils
Length: 88mm | Diameter: 7.6mm

Bag Size

Width: 135mm | Height: 190mm | Thickness: 5mm

Made in Japan