Cocoknits Knitter's Block Kit

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First-time blockers are always amazed by the difference blocking makes to the final appearance of their projects. After blocking, sweater parts lay flat, stitches even out, and what may have looked like a wild mess, now behaves nicely. It's like magic!

Cocoknits has created the ideal blocking mats, resulting in the Knitter's Block Kit.

Product Details:

  • Very low, lightly barbed pile fabric covering gently grips your knitting without pilling or leaving fibres
  • Versatile: can be assembled in a variety of sizes from a square for sweater pieces, a long rectangle for scarves or a triangle for shawls
  • Thick backing of waterproof EVA: suitable for use on any surface since moisture won’t seep through; holds pins firmly in place; blocked items dry faster than with towels because the tiles don't absorb water
  • Heat resistant - essential for steam blocking
  • Compact - blocks are stored in a sturdy 14”x14” bag


  • 18 interlocking, fibre-topped EVA foam tiles, each measures 12" × 12" (tiles from the new kit are compatible with older Knitter's Block tiles)
  • 40 stainless steel t-pins
  • 48" woven square cotton cloth with 1" square gingham to help measure your finished piece
  • A sturdy jute bag to contain the kit

Manufacturing: Cocoknits carefully considers the environmental impact and sustainability with every product designed and packaged. Their products are ethically sourced from China, the US, and Morocco. Cocoknits packaging is reusable and recyclable, and many of the products themselves are recycled. All Cocoknits products are thoughtful and transparent about where they are sourced and manufactured. Although they don't profess perfection, they promise to bring you fun new tools in as sustainable a manner as possible