Chiaogoo - Wooden Yarn Nostepinne

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Need to wind a center-pull ball of yarn but don't own a winder or on the go? Chiaogoo Wooden Yarn Nostepinne (old Norwegian hand tool) can do the job. It's portable and quite easy to use!

Approximately 11″ (28 cm) long, this tool has a nice smooth finish but not too smooth to cause your yarn to slip off. Long enough to wind a large ball of worsted or even chunky yarn.


1: Hold the Nostepinne in one hand with the tail of the yarn laying on and pointing toward the handle.

2: Wrap the Nostepinne and continue the shaft end until it is 1/2 to 1 inch wide.

3: Tilt the Nostepinne and continue to wind the yarn (up, down & around) vertically around the horizontal wrapping. Slowly rotate the Nostepinne in either direction while you wind.

4: When the ball is done slip it off end of the Nostepinne and pull the side of the ball that was closest to the handle.

Made in China