52 Weeks of Socks by Laine Magazine

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52 Weeks of Socks is a unique look into modern, international sock knitting. The designers behind the 52 pairs come from all corners of the world. They have used different yarns and techniques in their designs that are either intuitive and relaxing to knit, or more challenging. This beautiful book is a future classic, that you will return to again and again.

This is the first hardcover book of Laine Publishing, containing 52 knitting patterns by 46 designers. It is a true encyclopedia of socks. 

Containing patterns from the following designers: Heidi Alander, Fiona Alice, Gina Baglia, Ainur Berkimbayeva, Katrine Birkenwasser, Karen Borrel, Sachiko Burgin, Diana Clinch, Verena Cohrs, Valentina Consalvi, Rachel Coopey, Nele Druyts, Marion Em, Lindsey Fowler, Fabienne Gassmann, Lucinda Guy, Dawn Henderson, Anja Heumann, Tiina Huhtaniemi, Caitlin Hunter, Mieka John, Amanda Jones, Joséphine & the seeds, Pauliina Karru, Isabell Kraemer, Tatiana Kulikova, Joji Locatelli, Erika López, Andrea Mowry, Paula Pereira, Rosa Pomar, Elena Potemkina, Amelia Putri, Emily Joy Rickard, Mona Schmidt, Nataliya Sinelshchikova, Marceline Smith, Minna Sorvala, Helen Stewart, Charlotte Stone, Becky Sørensen, Niina Tanskanen, Natalia Vasilieva, Kristine Vejar, Kajsa Vuorela and Mariya Zyaparova.

Additional Information:

  • 256 uncoated, high-quality pages
  • Language: English
  • Woven book cover, banner, ribbon place marker
  • Weight 1100g / 2.5 lbs
  • Print only, no digital download code available
  • Printed in Latvia

ERRATA: Laine Magazine mistakenly printed one page twice, which means that page 208 from the Fizalis pattern is missing. Each book will come with our own printed copy of page 208, additionally, the missing page is also available digitally on Laine's Errata Page. We are so sorry for the inconvenience!