Stone Wool

Avid knitter and hand spinner, Whitney Hayward, began handspinning yarn in her Maine, USA home in 2014 to de-stress from her busy life as a photojournalist. One thing led to another, and soon she was sampling wools from farms all over New England. As she spun, she fell again and again for each new breed, delighting in the variations in fleeces from breed to breed and even sheep to sheep, and how different spins affected each fiber type. Soon she was spinning too much to knit herself, so she began selling her yarn under the moniker Stone Wool, named after her family's Northern Missouri farm. 

Wanting to bring this love of breed specific wools to more knitters, Whitney joined up with Pam Allen's team at knitting accessory brand Twig & Horn to begin producing Stone Wool's first mill-spun yarn. In keeping with Stone Wool's roots, they continue to make breed specific yarns in small batches, as close to home as they can.

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