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Color: Bardot Red

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Biodegradable! Vegan! Made from wood pulp. Exclamation marks are necessary with Wool & the Gang's kind-to-nature Ra-Ra Raffia yarn. It’s super light, water-repellant and dries fast if it gets splashed.

Due to the paper nature of this Raffia yarn it's advised that you take extra care when pulling the yarn from the ball, as unlike wool or cotton, Raffia is very smooth and may fall away from the structure of the ball.

If your yarn starts to unravel, try these helpful tips to save your roll:

  1. It's recommended to wind it slowly around a structured object (e.g. a cone or a cylindrical shaped object) so you can have more control over the yarn, this way it won't become tangled.
  2. Wool & the Gang Raffia yarn is held together with 2 strands of extra yarn which are tied around the outside of the ball to protect it. Both of these strands have knots in them so you can cut these strands or undo the knots to start the ball. You may find it best to leave the ball band in place and start working from the inside of the ball. Some people put it in a yarn bowl (or any container that the cone fits snugly in) as well to help keep it tidy, or a small project bag where it doesn't have space to move around.

Brand: Wool & the Gang

Fibre: 100% Paper

Thickness: Sport

Yardage/Meterage: 273 yds | 250m

Grams: 100g

Hook Size: 4.5mm | US 7

Gauge: 16 stitches/4 inches

Texture: Ribbon

Colour: Solid

Put-up: No winding required

Care: Hand wash or surface clean, dry flat

Made in Taiwan