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(Vi)laines Yarnlings - Chaussettes Sock

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Absolutely worth a fig (7G06)
Alice and the 40 elephants (5H04)
Aniseed Lollipops
Blackberries in hands
Boarding with Madeline
Building castles in the air (8B07)
Butterfly catching (7E01)
Caging love (2G04)
Candied Clementines
Can't concentrate (4B02)
Casting a Spell
Chafed Knees
Cherries after school (5G01)
Chewing gum under the table
Chills while Chilling
Chocolate Marshmallow
Climbing up Trees
Crashing with bears (3B06)
Diving into Dead Leaves
Dolling up
Donkey Hat
Dreaming in the Midst of Roses
Eating the Teacher's Apple
Elsa's Eyes
Eureka! (2B06)
Facing the bogeyman (0B06)
Farts & Furbelows (6B08)
Fickle Heart
Finding the Light
Flying with Barn Owls
Forgetting the Slate at Home
Fresh Morning Mushrooms
Friday Chupa Chups
Fuchsia Flowers as Earrings
Girls just wanna have fun (6B07)
Going Nuts
Granma's Tarte Tatin
Grapefruit with sugar (4G04)
Gutted Pencilcase
Hanging out with Pandas
Hint of Thoughts
Hugging cacti (1B07)
Ink Stains
In the Backwoods with the Wolf
In the secret garden (7E05)
In the Sunflowers' Shade
Into the Lagoon's Blue
In Vampirella's Bed
Isabel's Journey (2H02)
Jumping in the Ferns
Just a zest (2G01)
Larking about in the meadows (1B05)
Liquorice Rolls
Listening to the Leaves Falling
Love notes in a grey smock (0B02)
Mimosa Confettis
Mint Cordial
Mixing the Scarecrow's Head
Munching Melusine (6G06)
Nasturtium flowers in the hair (4E02)
Nettle Soup
Nice and Strong (5H05)
Not only apples
Olympe's Stockings
Philomene's Spool
Pinching Distaffs
Pistacchios at aperitif time (1G02)
Playing with Matches
Pompadour's Boudoir (6H03)
Pulling the fox's tail (4B01)
Punky's Graffiti
Putting pretty leaves in the herbarium (2E02)
Rainbow in my head (0E06)
Reaching for Stars
Riding the foam (1E10)
Ring o' Ring o' Ipomoea
Scrumping from the orchard (3G07)
Seducing Mr. Freeze
Setting Sail on Atlantis
Shell-picking (8E06)
Showing off Family Jewels
Sitting on a Silver Carpet
Sleepy Thorns
Sloth Hair
Spinning a Tall yarn
Stabilo Footsies
Stealing Daddy's Slippers
Strawberry Craving
Strawberry Shortcake's Panties
Sugared Almonds at Weddings
Top up with Vitamins
Training a Squirrel
Under the bark (3E04)
Under the paving stones there's a beach (0E08)
Ursula's Tentacles
Waiting for the storm
Wandering the moor (1E07)
Wangari's Belt
Yette's Picking
You did it on porpoise! (8B09)
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This yarn is hand-dyed in Lyon, France and is made specifically for sock making - heels, cuffs, toes and mending those pesky holes that come with wear!

Additionally, these little bundles of colour can be used in all those scrappy projects - crochet or knitted blankets, cowls, anything stripy...the list goes on!

Brand: (Vi)laines

Fibre Content: 75% Wool 25% Manufactured Fibers - Nylon / Polyamide
Fingering / 4 ply
73 yds/67m
20g (0.70 ounces)
Gauge (10cm/4"): 
28.0 sts = 4 inches
Needle Size: 
US 1 - 4 or 2.25 - 3.5mm
Hand dyed

Care: Hand wash, dry flat