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Enamel Pins by Twill & Print

$18.50 CAD
Besties K2TOG Pin Set
Bright Ideas
Bouquet Crochet Mix
Bouquet Knitting Mix
Craft Queen Mix
Just One More Spinner
Knitting 'Day and Night' Spinner
Knitting Gnome
Knitting "Moon Phase" Spinner
Limited Edition Summer Row Counter
Little Alpaca
Little Black Glitter Alpaca
Little Sheep
Make Wear Mend
One Stitch At a Time
Places You Can Knit
Prickly Yarn
Rainy Days
Row Counter - Gold
Row Counter - Silver
Row Counter - Black
Russian Doll
Sheep Russian Doll
Sip Sip Knit
Sleeve Island
Warm and Fuzzy Mittens
Wooly Enamel Bee Pin
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Glam up your knitting, jacket, or project bag with Twill & Print's unique pieces of fibre inspired flair!