Tulip WS Carry S "Fine Gauge" Interchangeable Set - 2.5mm

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This Carry-S Interchangeable Bamboo Needle is perfect to knit small projects worked in round like mittens, socks and other small circumference projects.

Exclusively for Carry S "Fine Gauge". Cannot be used with Carry S, Carry C, Carry C Long, cables, adapters or stoppers.

Set Contains:

Needle: 3 pairs of No. 1.5 | 2.5 mm (6 pieces in total)

Cord: 3 pieces of 5 cm

Total length of needles: 24cm | 9.5" (2 of 9.5cm needle tips with 5cm cord)


Needles: Bamboo, nickel-plated steel

Cable: Nylon, nickel-plated steel, rubber


  • This product should be used for knitting purpose only.
  • The bamboo needle is thin an may break if bent. Please handle with care.

Made in Japan