Tulip Carry C Fine Gauge Interchangeable Bamboo Knitting Needle Set

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CarryC “Fine Gauge” is recommended for knitting socks, gloves, accessories, Shetland lace, Kunst lace, and other pieces in fine yarn.
  • Includes 3.5" tips in sizes US 0/2mm, US 1/2.25mm, US 1.5/2.5mm, US 2/2.75mm, US 2.5/3mm
  • Comes with 2 cables (40cm, 80cm), 2 stoppers, 2 tapestry needles, 1 gauge with built-in yarn cutter, 1 case
  • Unique system makes tightening and unscrewing needles easy and requires no tools
  • The groove in the metal bracket of the cable makes it easy to tighten by hand
  • Needles will not loosen while knitting
  • Rotary cable join prevents twisting
  • Flexible cable is even great for magic loop knitting
  • Exceptionally smooth cable-needle join.

 <WARNING> The bamboo needle is thin and may break if bent. Please handle with care.

** PLEASE NOTE: The parts in this set are not compatible with CarryC Long, CarryC, CarryS, CarryT cables, adaptors, or stoppers.

Made in Japan