Pom Maker - The Ultimate Pompom Scissors

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The best scissors you’ll ever use for your pompom making!

Our quest for THE pom pom scissors is over. There are no scissors quite like these! Made by top Italian scissor makers exclusively for Pom Maker.

Cuts through extra-thick layers of yarn like butter, the smooth and sharp action will make your pompom making a breeze. Silky snipping makes trimming small or large amounts of yarn much easier and enjoyable. The scissors you’ve been dreaming of.

Oh, did we mention Pom Maker's signature pink handles? Because they need to look good too!

Add these fine trimming scissors and precision shaper to your toolkit if you’re a pompom nerd. But they’re for finishing work, not for cutting thick layers, so if you buy just one pair, these are the ones.

Stainless steel
Made in Italy

6 inches long