Neko Bamboo Flex Curved Double Pointed Needles

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Meet the latest addition to Neko's needle collection: Neko's curved double pointed needles, the Bamboo Flex Edition! The completion of this brand new product took Neko two whole years to bring the concept to life. To maximize the flexibility of their needles, a change of material was fundamental. Instead of fully consisting of smooth plastic, Neko's needles are now crafted out of two bamboo pins combined with a very elastic plastic connection. The new Neko Bamboo CDPNs are highly flexible but always return to their original shape.

 Essential advantages of using Neko's CDPNs are:

  • Neko's CDPNs are specially designed for knitting any kind of circular shapes (e.g. socks, sleeves, hats, loops, etc.)
  • Your working duration decreases while using only three curved DPNs than usually five straight DPNs. Only two needle switches are necessary per round.
  • Less slipping off of your stitches is guaranteed by the needle's curved shape.
  • Higher flexibility allows you to relax your hands a lot more while working.
  • High-quality Moso Bamboo from Japan provides you with a pleasant feeling while working on your creation.
  • Using bamboo and a new type of plastic make Neko's needles eco-friendly and fully recycable.

Includes 3 flexible needles

Made in Japan