Lumos Knitting Light

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Can’t knit at night? Are darker yarns giving you eye strain? Lumos Knitting Light is specifically designed to save you from that eye strain. It is a MUST have for every serious knitter and crocheter! This ultimate knitting light lets you knit/crochet anytime, anywhere without any worries. Just place it over your neck and let your hands dance on the stitches as the hours pass.

USB charger included. Rechargeable. Charge lasts for about 8 hours.

  • If you don’t have the perfect light, knitting with black yarn can give you migraines. This light will enable you to see your project clearly. You don’t have to strain your eyes while working anymore. With a built-in soft light mode, Lumos Knitting Light is specifically designed for yarn addicts. You will finally turn your yarn stash into goodies faster from now on, surprising your family and friends with your handmade gifts.
  • Spending hours hunched over to see the stitches can trigger back pain. With Lumos Knitting Light, you will have a better posture thus relieving your back. Don’t bend your back, bend your light. Lumos Knitting Light is super flexible. It allows you to position & focus the light exactly where you want by avoiding annoying shadows cast by your fingers or the hooks.
  • With a special design for ergonomics, Lumos Knitting Light fits snugly around your neck. It is completely hands-free. The arms are covered with premium silicon rubber, which is as soft as silky yarn. Being super lightweight (just 3.6 oz), fold it into any shape you need. Perfect for travel, extremely convenient, and practical.

Made in China