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Lazadas Super Flexible Blocking Wires Set

$40.00 CAD
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Blocking wires help set your knitted and crocheted projects in an easy, fast, and enjoyable way. These wires are super elastic, allowing them to easily bend, while still snapping back to a straight wire after use. 

Enjoy the following features:

  • Puts a professional finishing touch to your projects
  • Helps to smooth and uncurl edges
  • Opens lace work
  • Shapes pieces to exact measurements you want
  • Excellent for straight edge, circular half moon, and even scalloped shawl shapes
  • Use blocking wires from fine to chunky yarn projects

Included in Short Set:

  • 10 blocking wires, 35" (90cm) long each
  • 30 nickel plated T-Pins

Included in Long Set:

  • 5 blocking wires, 70" (180cm) long each
  • 30 nickel plated T-Pins