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Isager Bouclé is a new textured yarn from Isager. It works best when held together with other yarns. It gives an exciting and elevated effect compared to the smooth yarns it can be knitted together with. Isager Bouclé is therefore nice to use for stripes or as an element in double knitting or jacquard knitting. In structured knits such as ribbing, it would be difficult to make out the pattern.

Brand: Isager

Fibre: 100% Alpaca

Thickness: Sport - DK

Yardage/Meterage: 191 yds | 175 m

Grams: 50g

Needle Size: US 8-10 | 3-4mm

Gauge: measured across 4 inches/10cm

  • 22 stitches with US 2.5 | 3mm
  • 20 stitches with US 4 | 3.5mm
  • 18 stitches with US 6 | 4mm

Texture: Boucle

Colour: Solid

Put-up: No put-up required


Wool should be washed by hand unless you have a washing machine that uses lukewarm water (below 28°  Celsius) and has a very gentle wool cycle. 

To avoid felting, please observe the following:
Use very little soap and use a wool mark approved detergent. Be careful to keep the same temperature during the entire washing and rinsing process (not above 28°Celsius). After washing and rinsing place the garment in a washing bag and spin it lightly in a washing machine. Then place the garment flat on towel and leave to dry. 

Woollen garments do not necessarily need washing very often. Airing outside in damp weather will often be sufficient. Yarns from cotton and yarns made from mixed fibres containing flax and bamboo could be washed in warm water, but still we recommend the same washing instructions as for wool. 

Made in Peru