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Woolia - New sustainable merino yarn for needle size 4-6mm

This yarn is made of a very special wool, wool from an old original Italian sheep breed, Merino Gentile Puglia.

Woolia is suitably soft and completely free of pilling. You also have around 30% more meters than in other yarn with same thickness. 
This means that a sweater become lightweight, even if it has cables or colourwork knitting.
The first time you feel the wool, you will probably find it a little dry - that is a characteristic of this merino. It is also the distinctive feature that gives the yarn a great lightness and the characteristic that makes Woolia knits keep their shape regardless of needle size. Another feature is that Woolia is not scratchy but maintains a very beautiful surface.

Brand: Gepard Garn

Fibre: 100% merino wool

Thickness: Worsted

Yardage/Meterage: 145 yds | 133m

Grams: 50g

Needle Size: US 6-10 | 4-6mm

Needle size 6mm: 15m = 10cm, Suitable for shawls, a plaid and other slightly loose knits.

Needle size 5½mm: 16m = 10cm  Suitable for cables, Fair isle, gives a slightly loos knit.

Needle size 5mm: 17m = 10cm Suitable for all types of sweaters.

Needle size 4.5mm: 18m = 10cm Suitable for long coats, men's knitwear that wears out a lot, etc.

Needle size 4mm: 19m = 10cm, mostly for durable men's knitwear, cushions and other solid knitwear

You can also knit  Woolia + Kid Seta, on needles 5-6mm

Knitting Gauge: 16-18 stitches/4 inches

Woolia can be knitted on several needle thicknesses, this is one of the characteritics about Woolia. Most current knitting tension is 16-18 stitches.

Texture: Plied, smooth

Colour: Solid

Put-up: No put up required

Care: Hand wash, dry flat