Cocoknits Flight of Stitch Markers

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A handy sampling of Cocoknits stitch markers! Including 5 types in rainbow colours, the "Flight of Stitch Markers" kit is ideal for the Cocoknits Method, with each marker type coming in its own tube of 24 markers each for easy storage and transport. 

Perfect for gifting, beginner knitters, or anyone curious about branching out in their array of stitch markers!

Product Details:

  • Made of nylon coated steel (clinging to magnets)
  • Split ring markers to hook onto stitches
  • Triangular stitch markers accommodating up to US 9/5.5mm needles
  • Small stitch markers accommodating up to US 7/4.5mm needles
  • Original stitch markers accommodating up to US 13/9mm needles
  • Jumbo stitch markers accommodating up to US 19/16mm

Manufacturing: Cocoknits carefully considers the environmental impact and sustainability with every product designed and packaged. Their products are ethically sourced from China, the US, and Morocco. Cocoknits packaging is reusable and recyclable, and many of the products themselves are recycled. All Cocoknits products are thoughtful and transparent about where they are sourced and manufactured. Although they don't profess perfection, they promise to bring you fun new tools in as sustainable a manner as possible