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Colour: 8:26 (Dusted w. Green)

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Introducing Nightshades' sunshine counterpart: d a y l i g h t s

Available in six delicate shades, created for every mood and spun with a dusting of colour.

Daylights was developed from the hues cast by the sun crossing the horizon, breathing life into everything it touches. The twinkling of sunshine dancing through the trees, and its iridescent hues, inspire unexpected colour combinations. This palette celebrates the curious beauty of light.

Grown in Montana, scoured in Texas, dyed in Philadelphia, and spun in New Hampshire, this yarn is spun from the same long and fine wool as nightshades. Montana grown Cormo wool makes for a springy 3-ply, light and perfect for a heavy wear garment or even a light accessory.

Looking for something to make with Daylights? You may use both Daylights and Nightshades patterns for inspiration!

Fiber: 80% Wool - Cormo | 20% Wool

Thickness: DK

Yardage/Meterage:  250yds | 229m

Weight: 100g

Needle Size: US 5-7 or 3.75-4.5mm

Knitting Gauge: 18 - 22sts = 4"

Care Instructions: Hand wash with care and lay flat to dry 


  • Colour: Heathered, Semi-Solid, Tweed
  • Drafting Method: Woolen Spun
  • Dye: Machine dyed
  • Ply: 3-ply
  • Put up: Winding Required

Yarn Origin:

  • Source of Fibre: Montana, US
  • Scoured: Texas, US
  • Milled: New Hampshire, US
  • Dyed: Pennsylvania, US