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Colour: Caledonia Jacket - Spring

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* Please note: These kits include patterns and are therefore final sale. Also note that some kits won't include a printed copy of the pattern if the pattern is available in the Fanostrik book. If you have ordered a kit that did not include the pattern, please contact us and we will send you a scan of the pattern from the book.

When Christel Seyfarth hand knits, she works with many different colours at the same time. By allowing the colours to flow softly from one to the other, she creates a living canvas of gentle colour shifts. The hand knitted models are not planned in advance but allowed during knitting to subtly and intuitively take on a life of their own. She simply follows along, watching the action. These custom knit models take hundreds of hours to complete and are always uniquely personal. When Christel Seyfarth sits down to knit using the knitting machine, she is in charge.

Everything she does is carefully planned in advance and there is little room for improvisation or intuitive leaps. Often, the graphic patterns and the repeats dominate and become the primary focal points.

She emphasizes a thorough finish and knit pin-tucks and piping on all her knit models. 

Get started – be creative…

For those of you who want to get started on your own knitting, Christel has created several hand knitted models that can be purchased as knit kits. The yarn and patterns are intended to tempt and tantalize the knitting enthusiast. Christel Seyfarth is first and foremost an artist and designer.

Made in Denmark