RADÅM Magazine - Issue 3: Confidence

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Radåm Magazine is a new stylish knitting magazine for the trendy knitters!

The third issue is about a person who is confident, independent, yet charming and elegant.
The designs were carefully selected, drawing inspiration from the urban environment, its
architecture, and colours, as well as the current fashion trends: nineties, glamour, and
femininity! These are the current trends in high fashion and knitting alike, so you can be
assured of having the best designs that suit you!

All the designs in this issue present interesting and fashionable stitch patterns or design
elements. Whether you need help finding the right design or just trying to get inspiration to create and add to your style, you have nothing to worry about. This magazine is filled with style suggestions to help you find the best ways to combine a particular knit for the
fall/winter season, and perhaps, help you see your wardrobe from a new perspective. 

Featuring designs by:

Anete Barina, Dina Rogosa, Jekaterina Dmitrijeva, Lana Jois, Nadya Stallings, Paul
Haesemeyer, Renate Dziedataja and Zanete Hussain.

Includes 10 knitting patterns

Printed in Latvia