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Harrisville Designs - Shetland Cones

$29.00 CAD
Aegean SC
Aster SC
Black SC
Blackberry SC
Charcoal SC
Chianti SC
Chicory SC
Cornsilk SC
Delphinium SC
Ebony SC
Evergreen SC
Garnet SC
Gold SC
Goldenrod SC
Grass SC
Hemlock SC
Iris SC
Jade SC
Kiwi SC
Lilac SC
Lime SC
Loden Blue SC
Magenta SC
Marigold SC
Melon SC
Midnight SC Blue
Mustard SC
Oatmeal SC
Peacock SC
Periwinkle SC
Pink SC
Poppy SC
Raspberry SC
Red SC
Russet SC
Scarlet SC
Seagreen SC
Silver Mist SC
Spruce SC
Straw SC
Suede SC
Toffee SC
Topaz SC
Walnut SC
Water Lily SC
White SC
Woodsmoke SC
Zinnia SC
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This yarn is not made from Shetland Wool. Shetland refers to the size of the yarn and not the fiber content. The wool is a blend of an Australian fine wool and a hearty New Zealand wool that gives the yarn it’s luster.

Fibre: 100% Virgin Wool

Thickness: Fingering

Meterage: 900 yds

Needle Size: 3-4mm

Knitting Gauge: 22-24 sts 

Care Instructions: Hand wash | Lay flat to dry

Made in USA