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Ravelry Basics & Beyond

Ravelry Basics & Beyond
Ravelry Basics & Beyond
$60.00 CAD

Do you want to be a bigger part of the knitting/crochet community? Have you lost your knitting mojo and want to be inspired? Do you have a huge yarn stash and have no idea what to do with it? Want to knit all of the things and need a bit of help? This class is for you!

Whether you feel like you already "know" Ravelry, or are just being introduced to it, this class will show you all of the hidden tips and tricks that will make you even more advanced in your craft. 

Some topics you can expect to cover:

  • Showing you ALL of the different ways you can search for patterns and projects (there’s more than just one way!)
  • Using the yarn database and how it can help you with your own projects
  • Entering your ‘stash’ to help keep you organized and inspired
  • Showcasing and setting up your own projects in your notebook – and explaining why you want to do so
  • Finding and participating in Ravelry communities (project support, design inspirations, contests, de-stashing and swapping)

Come discover this wonderful hub of inspiration and community!

Class Date: Saturday, May 4th from 1pm - 4pm

Skill Level: Absolute Beginner and Up

Pre-Requisites: None

Required Materials 

  • An internet enabled device (tablet or laptop preferred)
  • Ravelry username signed up 
  • Pen for note taking 


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