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Take the lustrous, long, bright and very high quality hair of the Angora goat; the fine, soft and elastic  wool of the merino sheep; the sumptuous wool of the  Mongolian  yak; add silk and combine it all with Pascuali´s years of experience in developing high quality natural yarns and you have:  Manada.

This very special yarn  is named Manada  (which is the Spanish word for "herd") because it is, after all, a rare blend of fibres from different natural sources. It is a yarn not found anywhere else in the market today!

Because Pascuali has very high standards for where they source our fibres, they have made sure that the merino they use is RWS  (Responsible Wool Standard) certified. The standard ensures that wool suppliers use rigorous, ethical and sustainable sourcing practices.  It is, therefore, mulesing free and of superfine quality.

Manada has the unmistakable shine of silk, the soft fluffiness of superkid mohair, the elasticity of merino  and the special softness of yak.

Manada can be knitted with smaller needles  to create  smaller  stitches, and obtain a tighter, warmer, denser, hard-wearing fabric. It can also be knitted with bigger needles  to make bigger  stitches and get a looser fabric.  So, depending on the nature of the project and how dense or loose you want the piece to be, you can use a different needle size. For this reason, the gauge given ranges from needle size 1.5 US (2.5 mm) to 6 US (4.0 mm).

All in all, Manada is a yarn that is sure to captivate you and inspire you to knit the most wonderfully soft garments and accessories. 

Brand: Pascuali

Fibre: 45% mohair | 25% silk | 15% wool | 15% yak

Thickness: Lace

Yardage/Meterage: 219 yards | 200m

Grams: 25g

Needle Size: US 1-6 | 2.5-4mm

Gauge: 18-22 stitches/4 inches

Texture: Fuzzy

Colour: Solid

Care: Hand wash, dry flat

Put-up: No winding required