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OhWow Amsterdam Wool Notions Pouch

$35.00 CAD
Blue/Charcoal/Yellow Cord
Blue/Orange/Pink Cord
Blue/Red/Pink Cord
Coral/Blue/Blue Cord
Coral/Ochre/Green Cord
Dark Magenta/Black/Blue Cord
Dark Pink/Green/Electric Green Cord
Grass Green/Green/Purple Cord
Green/Charcoal/Orange Cord
Green/Hot Pink/Blue Cord
Hot Pink/Blue/Blue Cord
Hot Pink/Blue/Pink Cord
Hot Pink/Charcoal/Green Cord
Hot Pink/Forest Green/Sea Green Cord
Hot Pink/Green/Sea Green Cord
Hot Pink/Magenta/Sea Green Cord
Light Pink/Red/Blue Cord
Olive Green/Purple/Orange Cord
Light Blue/Blue/Yellow Cord
Light Blue/Sea Green/Orange Cord
Light Green/Black/Pink Cord
Light Green/Dark Teal/Pink Cord
Light Green/Magenta/Pink Cord
Light Green/Orange/Purple Cord
Light Pink/Coral/Sea Green Cord
Light Purple/Charcoal/Green Cord
Light Purple/Purple/Sea Green Cord
Magenta/Dark Magenta/Electric Green
Mint/Sea Green/Pink Cord
Ochre/Coral/Orange Cord
Ochre/Charcoal/Yellow Cord
Ochre/Purple/Green Cord
Orange/Blue/Blue Cord
Orange/Blue/Electric Green Cord
Orange/Blue/Yellow Cord
Orange/Purple/Green Cord
Orange/Charcoal/Sea Green Cord
Orange/Charcoal/Blue Cord
Orange/Coral/Purple Cord
Orange/Moss Green/Yellow Cord
Orange/Red/Purple Cord
Orange/Red/Pink Cord
Rust/Black/Sea Green Cord
Rust/Yellow/Purple Cord
Sea Green/Orange/Electric Green
Sea Green/Magenta/Yellow Cord
Sky Blue/Blue/Orange Cord
Teal/Charcoal/Yellow Cord
Teal/Mint/Orange Cord
Teal/Orange/Yellow Cord
Yellow/Orange/Green Cord
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How much do you love these drawstring felt pouches from OhWow Amsterdam?! These little cuties are perfect for stashing your larger notions or even an itty bitty knitting project.

Approx. 6.5" wide, 6.5" tall, with a base 3" deep.