LANG - FAM Fatto a Mano #276

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Desaturated Romance:

This world of colours embodies the feminine essence and the energy that she radiates. Compare the process to a peony that slowly unfolds and unveils its glory. Few other plants are able to create such impressive flowers as this peony. Before long, uneven amounts of delicate petals appear. The dew that still rests on the petals early in the morning slowly evaporates under the first warm rays of Spring... These soft, feminine colours make you yearn for more romance. A wide selection of beautiful cool pink hues with the most diverse designs are available. There is always an eye for beauty and romance. Indulge yourself in even more passion for these beautiful colours. Even though the peony does not bloom for long, it always leaves a lasting impression...

Dopamine Dressing:

Spring has brought renewal and slowly made way for Summer. In this new world of colours, good mood colours take centre stage. Go for colour blocking, a little colour popping or tone on tone.... Dopamine dressing means nothing more than letting you glow in colours that make you feel good. It increases the release of dopamine in your body, the chemical humans create to feel good. This season is all about optimism and LANG brings you a whole rainbow. Dress in a way that brings you joy and lifts your mood by combining different colours, textures, and styles. Don't dress to impress, dress to boost your dopamine level. You will feel full of vital energy and positivity.

Sensual Heatwave:

This colour theme will awaken the absolute holiday feeling in you. These colours will give you exactly what an endless summer feels like. A summer where you are carefree and don't have to think about what to wear, because you know the sun is shining each day. Within this colour theme, you are guaranteed to find a new summer love. Beautiful colours alternate: think cool sage shades that remind you of the coolness of the water or the blue of the sky that you will see on a sunny day. But don't forget the warm hues of nature that we find in the field when the plants and soil crave a little water. Each design is unique, and you'll be delighted by the variety of cable and ajour designs in this theme. Be tempted to keep that summer feeling even when autumn arrives.

Printed in Switzerland