Kokon - Migaloo Twill Tote Bag

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This tote is made from 100% organic cotton. 

Handprinted in Amsterdam by Boro Atelier using natural indigo ink.

Boro Atelier offers a special training course to long-term job seekers and/or refugee status holders. The course teaches participants crafts like sewing screen-printing, and dyeing textiles. The objective is to guide participants to a paid job and to help them either with employment at Boro Atelier or find a fitting employer for them.

Boro Atelier practices sustainable production with consideration for the environment. Their production process is aimed at making the textile industry more sustainable. Boro Atelier practices natural dyeing and sources their dyes from plants, roots and minerals. 

The illustration for the Migaloo tote bag was made by illustrator and ethical designer, Inge Savelkous Huisman. Inge is a Dutch illustrator who has worked in many creative fields and is specialized in ethical design and production.