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Filigree Monarch Penannular Brooch by JŪL Designs

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The Filigree Monarch Penannular Brooch is an addition to JŪL Designs' pollinator series and part of their effort to celebrate the majestic beauty of Monarch butterflies, raising awareness of the threats Monarchs face.

Monarch Butterfly Info:

  • Monarch butterflies are endangered. While the butterflies pollinate many flower species during their nectar foraging, Monarch caterpillars only eat Milkweed and in the United States 860 million Milkweed stems have been lost in the last decade. During this same time, the population of migratory Monarch butterflies has declined by 80% according to the US Geological Survey. Estimates are that as many as 1.8 billion more stems of Milkweed are needed to restore the Monarch butterflies to healthy populations. 
  • Grow Milkweed in your garden to help save the habitat that Monarch caterpillars need in order for this species survive.

Product Information:

  • Handmade Fair Trade in Indonesia
  • White Brass & Brass
  • Total width: 2 inches
  • Height (excluding stick): 2 inches
  • Stick length (including butterfly ornament): 3.25 inches