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Filigree Honeybee Penannular Brooch by JŪL Designs

$43.95 CAD
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This gorgeous penannular brooch combines three of filigree honeybees, evoking the ways honeybees cluster socially in their hives. JŪL Designs' collection of Filigree Honeybee adornments are their way of celebrating the fundamental role pollinators play in the healthy maintenance of plant life on our planet and in our food supply.

The ancient one-piece design of the Filigree Honeybee Penannular Brooch makes it an elegant and secure shawl and garment closure.

Product Details:

  • Handmade Fair Trade in Indonesia
  • Brass & White Brass
  • Total width: 2 inches
  • Height (excluding stick): 2 inches
  • Stick length (including bee ornament): 3 inches