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HiyaHiya Sharp Steel Sock DPN Gift Set

$64.95 CAD
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The Sharp DPN Set is a brilliant gift for any fan of HiyaHiya Sharp DPNs. HiyaHiya's high quality stainless-steel Sharp Double Pointed Needles are hollow, giving them a lovely lightweight feel. This does not compromise their strength and durability and they feature HiyaHiya's characteristic tapered points, allowing stitches to glide effortlessly over the needle points - ideal for knitting intricate stitch patterns.

The set contains the most popular double pointed needle sizes for sock knitting and is presented in a HiyaHiya trademark brocade DPN case.

The Sharp DPN Set contains the following:

1 x Set Sharp DPNs 6" 2.25mm
1 x Set Sharp DPNs 6" 2.50mm
1 x Set Sharp DPNs 6" 2.75mm
1 x Set Sharp DPNs 6" 3.00mm

1 x DPN Case