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Hélène Magnusson - Love Story Einband

$18.00 CAD
Raven Black
Askja Blue
Anis Green
Glacier Turquoise
Basalt Grey
Silene Pink
Westfjord Green
Viking Rust
Thyme Purple
Moss Green
Sulfer Yellow
Natural White
Hot Spring Blue
Old Pink
Volcanic Red
Hafra Beige
Natural Grey
Salmon Orange
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With Love Story Einband, Hélène Magnusson has created a true Icelandic lace weight yarn in the hope that it will help revive the Icelandic knitting lace tradition and give it a new life. It is spun from fleeces Hélène hand-selects and grades one by one after the first shearing of the Icelandic lambs. The carefully crafted result is an Icelandic lambswool yarn of unparalleled softness and fineness.

Love Story is especially suited for delicate, ethereal lace shawls and is reminiscent of the old handspun yarns that define traditional Icelandic lace. 

Brand: Helene Magnusson

Fibre: 100% new wool, pure Icelandic lambswool

Thickness: Very Fine Lace Weight, 1 ply

Grams: 25g

Yardage/Meterage: 246 Yards | 225 Meters

Needle Size: US 0 | 2.0 mm 

Knitting Gauge: 38 sts / 4"


  • Care: Hand wash with mild soap in cold water and dry flat
  • Colour: Solid
  • Ply: 1 Ply
  • Put Up: No winding required

Icelandic Wool, Spun in Italy