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Feisty Fibres - Toasty Kits

$70.00 CAD
Da Woods
Foolish Games
Lucky Penny
Wild Child/Dirty Martini
Wild Child (one-of-a-kind blue)
Wild Child (one-of-a-kind purple)
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These kits include one skein of Feisty Fibres YES SURI! and one skein of Feisty Fibres Rockin' Sox. The kit also includes a Ravelry code to download the included pattern by Kate Atherley (the pattern is NOT included as a print out).

The warmest mittens you can ever make! The outer mitt is worked with sock yarn double stranded with a gorgeous fluffy alpaca and silk laceweight. And then just in case that’s not quite enough, a lining is worked in the laceweight alone, to create a deliciously soft extra layer of warmth.

The hat is worked top down, in five sizes from 16 to 24 inches/40 to 61 cm in circumference with customizable length. It’s designed to use up the leftovers from your skein of sock yarn. If you are only making the mittens, you’ll need most of the skein of laceweight, but less than half of the sock. The hat can be worn slouchy or fitted, as you prefer, and the length is adjustable to your preference - sizes given work for teens to adults.