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Dyed by Delz BFL Sock

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Abador's Waters
Betty's White
Cardi's Ochrrre
Carmen's Story
Cheryl's Coal Grey
Chris's Pine Green
Emma's Stone
Harry's Suit
Jarrell's Eggplant
Jason's Aqua
Jean-Phi's Dirty Martini
Jill's Dusty Rose
Jodi's Cake
Louis' Shade
LX's Snowfield
Lyra's Hat
Max's Camo
Meredith's Grey
Minnie's Wheat
Moira's Black Rose
Pepper's Mint
Rose-Anne's First Knit
Twyla's Sand
Vincent's Highland Coo
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Delz BFL Sock base is a 2-ply, BFL-nylon blend. Its high twist gives it both bounce and durability.

** Please note: Images reflect colours, but not necessarily the bases.

Brand: Designs by Delz

Fibre: 80% Superwash Bluefaced Leicester Wool, 20% Nylon

Thickness: Fingering/Sock

Yardage/Meterage: 400 yds | 365 m

Weight: 100g

Texture: Plied

Colour: Semi-solid

Put Up: Needs winding

Care: Hand wash, superwash