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Dolphina Collective x TKL Bags

$25.00 CAD
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The Knitting Loft X Dolphina

Dolphina Collective had the fabric for these bags custom designed for The Knitting Loft. Inspired by the list of words provided below, the description beside each are the images Dolphina used to bring those words to life.

CONNECT: Yarn connecting all elements creating a whole
CREATE: Light bulb made of yarn held down by pin representing an idea
IMAGINE/DREAM : Clouds made out of yarn
HEAL: Scissor handles in heart shape and the cross stitching, the rain helping the flowers to grow
DISCOVER: Magnifying glass
BELIEVE: Stars (reaching for the stars)
DREAM: Moon held by strings of yarn like a balloon
LAUGH: The smiley faces
GROW: The watering can
and KNIT!

Box Bag Size: 5x5x5" with 9.5" zipper along front

Extra Large Project bag size: approx. 9.5" tall, 14" wide, 4.5" base