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CaMaRose Yaku

$10.00 CAD
Askegra 1011
Aeblegron 1313
Babybla 1049
Beige 1900
Bla 1831
Bordeaux 1279
Braendtkarry 1989
Camel 1327
Chokoladebrun 1857
Gra 1752
Græsgrøn 1181
Gron 1743
Gron med gult 1844
Havgron 1655
Himmelbla 1221
Hindbaer 1220
Jaegergron 1023
Koral 1112
Lysebla 1987
Lysgra 1041
Lyskoral 1557
Lys Lyserod 1777
Lys Rosa 1800
Magenta 1704
Mellembla 1967
Mauve 1872
Mellemgra 1060
Mintgron 1510
Mork Sennep 1980
Natur 1003
Pudder 1232
Rahvid 1000
Rod 1340
Rod med orange 1809
Sennepsgul 1990
Somandsbla 1710
Sort 1999
Stovet Rosa 1020
Turkis 1996
Turkis Gron 1584
Mørkelilla 1823
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Yaku is a soft 4-ply yarn made from 100 % mulesing free merino of high quality.

This yarn is evenly and tightly spun. In addition to making Yaku easy to knit and crochet with, this gives your project a good stitch definition and a beautiful texture.

Yaku is perfect for baby and children’s knits as it is super soft and not at all itchy.

Yaku is superwash treated in accordance with the high requirements of OEKO-TEX and is machine washable on a wool cycle using a wool detergent.

Yaku is manufactured in Peru exclusively for CaMaRose, and every colour is custom-made in collaboration with the spinning mill.

The environment, animals, and humans are all taken into account in the manufacturing of Yaku. The mill gets the wool from a manufacturer where 70% of the energy consumption is generated by a VESTAS windmill. The manufacturer has a purification plant that cleans and recycles water used in the production and has, in addition, planted a tree plantation around the purification plant which contributes to the purification process and absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere. For the sake of the animals, the mill only works with mulesing free merino fibers and is oeko-tex certified for all its wool products.

Like so many other Peruvian companies, the mill shows great social responsibility for its employees, their families, and the local community by supporting schools, health care, and charities.

The high-quality products, as well as the consideration shown for the environment, animals, and people, are the reason CaMaRose started collaborating with the mill in 2010.

Brand: CaMaRose

Fibre: 100% superwash Merino, mulesing-free

Thickness: Fingering

Grams: 50g

Yardage/Meterage: 219 yds | 200 m

Needle Size: US 1.5-2.5 | 2.5-3mm

Gauge: 28 stitches/4 inches

Care: Machine wash on wool cycle with wool detergent

Colour: Solid

Texture: Plied