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Biscotte Yarns - Bis-Sock

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A la Belle Etoile Sock
A Moi le Coco Sock
Arielle Sock
Betta Sock
Les Blues de la Metropole Sock
Bonsai Sock
Boomerang Sock
Broadway Sock
Cactus Sock
Cameleon Sock
Charivari Sock
Chaudron Baveur Sock
Chevalier Sock
Constantinople Sock
Conte de Fee Sock
Creme Bruler Sock
Cup Cake Sock
Dark Side Sock
Eragon Sock
Fancy Daisy Sock
Gazania Sock
Go Habs Go Sock
Grinch Sock
Harry Potter Gryffindor Sock
Harry Potter Hufflepuff Sock
Harry Potter Platform 9 & 3/4 Sock
Harry Potter Ravenclaw Sock
Harry Potter Slytherin Sock
HO HO HO! Sock
Hope Sock
Hori Verti Sock
Hudson's Memories Sock
Inspiration D'ecosse Sock
Ice Lolly Sock
Jour de Lessive Sock
Les Calcons de la Sorciere Sock
Light House Sock
Lotus Sock
Marley Sock
Melon D'eau Sock
Minion Sock
Mon Pays C'est I'hiver Sock
Ocean Sock
Paturage Sock
Pensee Bleu Sock
Peppermint Sock
Pink & Purr Sock
Plume de Paon Sock
Pop Art Sock
Rond Rond Macaron Sock
Route de Brique Sock
Sur la Plage Sock
Valentine's Day Sock
Valley Girl Sock
Wonka Sock
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Bis-sock is such an incredibly soft sock yarn that we've actually had some people mistake it for cashmere! This self-striping yarn is so fun to work with; with such incredibly vibrant colours, you won't want to put your project down - whether it's socks, hats, scarves or even mittens.

Fibre: 85% Merino Superwash | 15% Nylon

Thickness: Fingering 

Yardage/Meterage: 400m | 435yds

Needle Size: 2.25-2.75mm

Knitting Gauge: 28-32 sts/4"

Care Instructions: Machine washable and lay flat to dry

Made in Canada