Personal Shopping Service

Say goodbye to long wait times, and hello to our new “Personal Shopping” system!

These uninterrupted, personalized appointments are a complimentary service, which guarantee you the quality 1:1 time that you deserve while visiting The Knitting Loft.

 We currently offer 3 appointment styles:

  • Yarn/Colour Guidance
  • Project Discovery (everything you need to get started on a new project)
  • Beginner Support (helping you get started with your first project!)



I just want to come in and browse, do I need to make an appointment for that?

Nope! Our personal shopping appointments are exclusively for people who need 1:1 attention and guidance during their visit.

For anyone who just wants to shop independently and get some much-needed yarn therapy, feel free to drop by any time during our operating hours!

What are personal shopping appointments?

Personal shopping appointments are our new way of providing you with quality 1:1 support, and are the perfect resource for anyone who needs focused time with an experienced shop rep.

These appointments are for anyone who requires:

  • Help finding a new pattern/project
  • In-depth yarn/product recommendations and showings
  • Colour guidance and selection
  • Support on getting started as a new knitter/crocheter 

Get started with your booking.

Can I just take my chances and show up without an appointment?

Absolutely! However, we strongly recommend booking an appointment to ensure that someone will be available to assist you.

These bookings are completely free, so we encourage you to take advantage of these personalized sessions.

Do these appointments cover technical support?

Our personal shopping appointments do not cover tech support or project help. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Assistance reading patterns
  • Explaining/demonstrating a new technique
  • Fixing a mistake

For technical assistance, please send us an email with your question and we will advise if a virtual appointment is necessary. 

Unlike our personal shopping appointments, technical support appointments are not complimentary, and are $12.50/15 minutes.

Let’s see if we can answer your question via email first :) 

Do I have to be in-store for a personal shopping appointment?

Nope! We have been helping everyone virtually since shut down and can absolutely assist you remotely. 

Our interaction begins online with an email from you, where we then send you customized photos/lists of yarn/product options.

Should we require a phone or video chat, we will advise :)

How long are these appointments?

Personal shopping appointments may be booked for 30 – 60 minutes! Book your personal shopping appointment now.

How many people are accommodated in a single booking?

These appointments accommodate one person at a time.