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Hedgehog Fibres - Skinny Singles (Part 1)

$39.95 CAD
Anime SS
Artichoke SS
Beach Bunny SS
Beetle SS
Bijou SS
Birthday Cake SS
Bramble SS
Bubble SS
Budgie SS
Cedar SS
Cinder SS
Clay SS
Comeback SS
Concrete SS
Construct SS
Copper Penny SS
Coral SS
Crush SS
Crystal SS
Cry Baby SS
Damsel SS
Danube SS
Daydream SS
Deep End SS
Deja Vu SS
Dew SS
Dove SS
Down by the River SS
Dune SS
Echo SS
Electric SS
Ferrum SS
Film Noir SS
Firefly SS
Foam SS
Fools Gold SS
Fly SS
Genie SS
Ghost SS
Glacier SS
Goblin SS
Gossip SS
Graphite SS
Harajuku SS
Harvest SS
Hawk SS
Heron SS
Hunter SS
Hush SS
Ink SS
Insomnia SS
Iris SS
Juniper SS
Kimono SS
Macaroon SS
Magpie SS
Method SS
Merlot SS
Monarch SS
Monet SS
Naive SS
Opalite SS
Oracle SS
Orion SS
Park Life SS
Petrol SS
Phoenix SS
Piggy Bank SS
Pinky Swear SS
Pistachio SS
Plump SS
Pod SS
Poison SS
Pollen SS
Poppy SS
Potion SS
Pucker SS
Purple Reign SS
Purr SS
Rosehip SS
Raven SS
Rusty Nail SS
Sage SS
Salty Tales SS
Sari SS
Seed SS
Serengeti SS
Silence SS
Sorbet SS
Sorry not Sorry SS
Stone SS
Taffy SS
Teacup SS
Typewriter SS
Urchin SS
Velvet SS
Whisper SS
Wildcard SS
Zephyr SS
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Please Note: We have so many colours in this base that we have had to create two separate product pages! To browse our remaining colours, visit Skinny Singles (Part 2)

Squishy and soft with just the right amount of twist! Colours shift beautifully from one to another.

Skinny Singles are randomly dyed to prevent striping or pooling as much as possible, creating a variegated effect that looks good in plain stockinette or advanced stitch motifs. 

Hand-dyed in small batches in Cork, Ireland. Colours may vary from skein to skein, even within the same dye lot. Please ensure that you buy enough to finish your project as future dye lots may vary. 

Fibre: 100% Superwash Merino Wool

Thickness: Fingering

Yardage/Meterage: 400 Yards | 366 Meters

Needle Size: US 0-2 | 2-2.75mm

Knitting Gauge: 28-32 sts per 10 cm / 4"

Weight: 100g

Care Instructions: Hand wash with care and lay flat to dry

Made in Ireland